Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 30-65

July 15- August 20

It has been over a month since I last updates, sorry! I've been busy writing in my own journal and we haven't had Internet too frequently. 

We've been on the road for over 2 months now! We can't even believe it! So far We have been to 2 countries, 20 states, and 19 national parks. We have driven 9,580 miles. 

Here is a quick play by play of the places we have been since Bryce. 

-After Bryce we headed toward Zion and slept at a state park right on the beach, it was beautiful. 

-Then we explored Zion, a beautiful park, and probably one of our favorites so far, we didn't want to leave. A highlight was hiking the narrows, which is a river that runs for miles, that many people hike. The water is up to your ankles at some points, up to your knees at others, and at one point it was all the way up to our chests!

-After Zion we headed to Salt Lake City to celebrate Neil's 22nd birthday! We got a hotel room with a pool and continental breakfast, and we went and saw Harry Potter in IMAX 3D, and then we went out for sushi! We went to the gas station and bought candy, instead of birthday cake.  

-After Salt Lake slept at Antelope Island state park. It really was an island! We relaxed on the beach, saw buffalo, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. 

- Next we headed for the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. The Tetons are absolutely breath taking. We kayoed on Lake Jenny, floated on our inner tubes in Jackson Lake, and did a hike around Colter Bay. We loved the Tetons, everyone should go see them! 

- Next was Yellowstone, only a half hour drive from the Tetons. Yellowstone is so diverse with its green forests, flowing rivers, (smelly) geysers and hot springs, and wildlife. We saw a bunch of buffalo, they liked to walk slowly in front of our car. We saw some beautiful falls, and we saw old faithful! We also saw a baby coyote and a bunch of elk. Yellowstone is beautiful but it is always packed with tourists. 

- Next we headed to Montana. We camped a few nights at different parks before we reached Glacier National park. Glacier was beautiful and the mountains were so huge! They were very snow covered. We drove a road called Going To The Sun Road, which drove up the mountains, on a very windy road! We had great views of waterfalls, the weeping rock, and all the mountains surrounding us. 

- Then it was off to British Columbia. We arrived in BC on a holiday weekend, BC day apparently, we had no idea. We went to Kootenay, Banff, and Jasper National Parks. We spent the most time in Banff, which was absolutely beautiful. We were dumbfounded by Lake Louise, which is an awesome light blue color. We hiked, explored, and gauged at the huge snowy mountains. We spent about a week in BC, and we were a little happy to leave. We discovered that BC is really expensive, really buggy, and everyone drives really fast. We were glad to be back on American Soil.

-We crossed the boarder in Washington. We stayed at a few campgrounds and got to see the coast! We have been looking forward to the west coast and the ocean! Then we took a ferry toward Olympic National Park. The ferry took off about 3 hours  of what we would otherwise have to drive.  We reached Olympic and spent about 5 days there. Olympic is so diverse. We saw beautiful glaciers, hiked to the Sol Duc falls, soaked in hot springs, hiked in the Hoh rainforest, and sat at the beach and swam in the ocean. We loved Olympic! 

-Next we headed toward Mt.Ranier. On our way we spotted a Cabelas and we had to go in! We spent about an hour looking through the store! We both walked out with something. We did a nice hike in Mt Ranier and we got to see the top of the mountain for about 10 minutes, then the clouds rolled over. We spent 2 days exploring the park, and we sOne beautiful views. 

- Next we stopped and saw Mt St Helens, the volcano that erupted only 30 years ago. It was covered in snow! It looked huge, even from far away! 

-Next we drove toward Oregon, and we drive all along the coast! It was beautiful. There are a ton of beaches, but also some rugged coast with huge rocks. We saw sone huge houses right on the ocean! We stayed at a state park right on the water! We walked the beach and dipped our feet in the water, it was pretty chilly. 

-Then we continued onto Crater Lake National Park. Crater lake was amazing! The Lake used to be a volcano, Mt. Mazama, and now it is a lake! It is the deepest lake in the US, and the 7th deepest lake in the world! The color is a beautiful royal blue, we couldn't believe how blue it was! We drove all around the lake, and did a small hike. We got some beautiful pictures! 

- Now we are at the bottom of Oregon, right near California, and the Redwoods are the next on the list! We are very excited! 

We miss everyone, and can't believe we have been gone for so long! Time flies! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! 

We've been updating pictures more frequently than the blog, so you can check there for updates.

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