Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 1

And we're off! Packed up the car with the last of our things and got ready to go! The car's only a little full.... Our first destination is Ogdensburg New York, where Neil's cousin Leeann lives. We are heading so far north it's almost Canada. 
On our way we saw signs for Hanover so we decided to stop and visit Dustin. We wandered around the hospital for a good half  hour trying to find him! We finally found him when he called Neil back. He showed us his lab and his apartment! Hanover is very pretty.
Then we headed out for another 5 hours in the car. The drive was beautiful, we were driving next to lake Champlain for a lot of the way.  We drove by a lot of farms as well!  We finally got to Ogdensburg around 9:30 pm. We hung out with Tim, Leeann, and Josie and Jack for awhile, then we all headed to bed.

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