Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 5

We got up and went to the beach in the morning. It was  right in the park. We laid around for awhile and then Neil went swimming, the water was a little cold. The waves were pretty big at the beach which is strange because it is a lake. After the beach we rented bikes from the main camp office. They were beach cruises. We rode the bike path to the beach and continued on a pretty trail in the woods. After our bike ride it started raining and we decided we would head towards Michigan.
 We found a campground called SugarBush campground and called to see if they had any available tent sites. The women said she could give us a cabin for the same price as a tent site! We got to the campground and it was empty. We were directed down to our cabin and it was so nice! There was a little screened in porch, and then inside there was a couch, table and chairs, two bunk beds, and a little later to a loft with a bed up there as well. We made a fire and then walked around the campground. The people who own the campground live right at the entrance and we walked by the house and saw 6 little white kittens outside. The woman who owns the campground said could take one back to the cabin with me. I brought the little runt back with me and  2 of the other kittens followed me. They were so cute and so little, they were only 6 weeks old. 
It rained the night we were in the cabin and we were glad to be inside!

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